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U.S. Pest

U.S. Pest Protection


When U.S. Pest Protection approached us, they had a straightforward problem to solve on a shoestring budget.

Even though they’re a local, family-owned company that’s been serving Middle Tennessee for more than 30 years, their brand awareness was low. Our task was twofold. We had to increase visibility in a market with plenty of big-name competition and get their phone to ring. 

We overhauled their brand and created Eagle Steve, a campy, superhero pest pro sidekick that embraced pest-control-mascot kitsch in a way that was disruptive, memorable, and funny. The Eagle Steve spot was picked up and featured online by Little Black Book, The Drum, My Pest Management Professional, The Daily Dot, theCHIVE, Huffington Post, Man’s Life and Forbes. Fans of the new Chief Protection Officer sent emails to our client from around the country. Their phone rang. And, most importantly, customer leads doubled.